Zabieram Cię w orientalną podróż....znajdziesz tutaj inspiracje i pomysły na łączenie znajomego rękodzieła ze Wschodnimi inspracjami, lecz nie tylko...

Let me take you in the Oriental Journey...You`ll find here mixing of Western craft ideas with Eastern inspiration, but not only....

About me

Hello! I`m Molla.
I love old Japanese culture!

My works are deep tribute for this amazing heritage. I create framed pictures showing my fascination in kimono tradition held by geiko and maiko. It`s my imagination of old Karyukai world. I create paper art works deriving from deep fascination with old Japanese culture and aesthetics.
Enchanted by the Japanese woodcut, I use values ​​of washi paper and I follow the old masters paintings in my paper compositions recreating the floating world, "UKIYO-E". In my blog I would like to share my inspirations and the works cultivating the old designs based on the aesthetic category IKI-related to the concept of simplicity, lightness and ellegance.

Welcome and feel free to share if you like it.